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DES MOINES, Iowa- March 14, 2019- Menace Champions League wrapped up its 11-week competition this past Tuesday night.   


Twenty-three teams competed all winter long in a fast paced environment, putting their touch and technique to the ultimate test. Despite several snowstorms these athletes made the time to come and battle it out week after week.

"Watching these kids enjoy the atmosphere was a very rewarding experience for myself and all of the coaches involved," said Tomas Boltnar, current DOC of Menace Academy. "I am excited for what players will bring to the table as a direct result of the training this league created."

We wanted to take a minute to recognize the champions of each age group! After last night's finals, the teams of Bayern Munich, Roma (Rush), and Barcelona celebrated their victories!  



1. Bayern Munich

2. Tottenham

3. Arsenal

4. Real Madrid

5. Manchester United

6. Athletico Madrid (WDM United)  



1. Roma (Rush)

2. Manchester United

3. Ajax

4. Manchester City

5. Juventus

6. PSG  



1. Barcelona

2. Lyon

3. Real Madrid

4. PSG (Rush)

5. Juventus

6. Manchester City

7. Inter Millan

8. Liverpool  


Congratulations to each team and thank you to all who participated in such a special event. Special thanks to Chad Rzewnicki, Matt Lamale, and Francisco Fernandes for their help in organizing the event. We very much enjoyed watching each player improve their skills throughout the season and we look forward to next year.




ABOUT THE MENACE ACADEMY: The Des Moines Menace Youth Soccer Academy provides a fun and challenging soccer environment that allows players to grow as people and reach the best of their soccer abilities.  The academy includes boys and girls teams ranging in age from 6 to 19.  Players are from all over the Des Moines metro area, coming from diverse backgrounds.  Academy members develop by learning skills and strategies at age-appropriate levels. Youth are exposed to the very best coaching and training on a consistent basis as they grow and mature.

The non-profit Menace Academy is part of the Des Moines Menace – Iowa’s premier men’s and women’s teams. The Menace promotes healthy lifestyles through popular youth programs that also include Junior Menace, camps, clinics and tournaments.

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